The Houston Mariners Club Welcomes New Members

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The Houston Mariners Club, Inc. was established to encourage cooperation and communication among its members to work for the betterment of the marine/energy insurance and related industries by sponsoring related educational seminars and meetings.

To become a member, an applicant must be employed in a practice directly connected with and should devote a substantial (more than 50%) amount of his/her business activity to one or more of the following (please indicate to which you devote most of your time):

Marine or Energy Underwriting
Marine or Energy Insurance
Sales or Brokerage
Marine or Energy Surveying
Marine or Energy Operations
Marine or Energy Risk Management
Marine or Energy Claims Investigation/Adjusting
Admiralty or Maritime Law
Maritime Arbitration/Mediation
(must specify)

References (Application must include two Club members’ names as the applicant’s sponsors.):